Mission Statement.

The Untamable Wildflower Mission Statement:

The Untamable Wildflower is geared towards raising awareness to Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Domestic Violence. The Untamable Wildflower is not a therapist nor a professional medical expert and cannot give professional advice. The site is geared towards anonymous voices coming together to shed light on the morality of things that are said in the dark. This is a place where human beings can come together and not only share stories about uncomfortable situations they have been in, but also vent about things they cannot say out loud. The site is also geared towards comedic stories of things people actually say to one another. While we poke fun at the strangeness of things that come out of peoples’ mouths, we take the matters of Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Domestic Violence very seriously.

In case of an Emergency:

National Sexual Assault Hotline– 1-800-656-4673

National Sexual Harassment Hotline– 1-800-656- HOPE (4673)

National Domestic Violence Hotline– 1−800−799−7233