It's January and I am sneezing. I really think most of my department hates me today or just wants me to go home. I will prevail. Over the weekend, I had a few hiccups and a few high notes. I absolutely love spending time with my siblings when I can. I drove north to my … Continue reading Closure.


See ya later, 2017.

Oh joy. The year is done and I am so done as well. 2017- what a turbulent year.   I was able to start this blog. I was able to get so much off of my chest. My heart was broken. I was told some pretty weird stuff by some pretty weird guys. My heart … Continue reading See ya later, 2017.

“Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?” -Lewis Carroll

Hi. I'm Amanda. I'm an adventurous twenty-four year old with a brain that malfunctions almost once an hour from over analyzing anything, and everything, that crosses my path. I suppose, though, this is about normal for my age group. Stress. Anxiety. I constantly remind myself that I am not a snowflake and that the sun … Continue reading “Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?” -Lewis Carroll