Burt’s Bees Skin Care Product Review

Hey guys! If you follow my Instagram account (@theuntameablewildflower), you'll know that a little over two weeks ago, I began a journey with Burt's Bees facial products. I am trying to switch all of my body products to all natural cleansers that won't put weird crap in my pores. Welp. Since I started, it's been … Continue reading Burt’s Bees Skin Care Product Review


Lessons I Learned in 2017.

Welp- it's a New Year and the same me. What else is new. Here is a list of shiz that I learned about myself and the world in 2017: A lot more people viewed this blog than I anticipated. If you're going in a mosh pit, brace for impact. Sometimes the word 'pause' can really … Continue reading Lessons I Learned in 2017.