Thank You.

Why, hullo there.

Again- a million thanks to everyone for reading. I keep getting Facebook messages, texts, Instagram messages, and even verbal compliments. I also have heard a bunch of stories that have made my head spin from other weird crap that people say. Thank you, thank you, thank you! All of your support is 100,000% cherished and means the world to me.

The entire reason why I started the series “Weird Crap Guys Say To Me” was due to me not being able to take much more of weird crap being said to me. I come off as a very open and accepting person but… there is literally only so much that I can take as a female and as a human being.

I keep reiterating that some things are just better left unsaid- I truly mean it.

I understand that there is constitution in place in the country that I live in. I understand that the first amendment on his constitution states that we, the people, have the freedom of speech. I wholeheartedly love that we have freedoms in this nation and we aren’t forced into slave labor or anything of the sort for cursing. However- where is the line drawn? Why is it okay for people to jump on the internet and fat shame or slut shame? I know that the problem obviously runs deeper than that when you really sit down and unpack the many things that are wrong with the world on a social platform. It just frustrates me.

In the twenty-five years that I have been alive, I have had some weird crap said to me from men, women, and even once a parrot (story for a different time) that has made me feel totally uncomfortable about being in my skin. Sure, there are attributes of me that stick out- but why the hell would you, a total stranger, think that it is okay to approach me on the street, in a grocery store, or even while I am hiking a trail and start to talk about this with me? Why am I supposed to be accepting to feeling uncomfortable?


It is a bit cliche but lately I have been living by the mantra of “be the change you want to see” and it is really working for my physical and mental health overall. I feel like a better person when I decide not to buy a pack of cigarettes and decide to hike five miles instead. I feel better about myself when someone makes an inappropriate comment towards me and I tell them to ‘kick rocks’.

A positive out of my stories is that I have had many guy and girl friends thank me for making them aware of how things sometimes come off. This, in particular, is the impact I was looking to make when I began the series. I love hearing feedback on my stories as well. (Looking at you, John, for snorting and laughing on a bus from reading.) I know they may seem far fetched- but all of my posts- aside from my picture prompt stories because I truly do not know anyone who was pushed into or has pushed someone into an oven- are all true. Yes, someone really told me they have dreams of incest. I am still gagging from this statement.

Anyway- thank you. This is the longest thank you I have ever typed in my life and deservingly so. I know you were probably expecting another story and not a political rant but hey- it needs to be said.

Now- if you will excuse me- Jon Snow might meet the Mother of Dragons tonight so I must run away to the nearest tv.

And again- thank you. xoxoxoxo.


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