Classic Summer Tracks

So instead of doing Amanda's School of Rock today- I am mixing it up by providing Summer Classic Rock songs that I compiled onto a playlist in 2015 on Spotify. In the post, I will link songs to the titles as I did in the previous post.   Going To California by Led Zeppelin Africa … Continue reading Classic Summer Tracks


Songs you need to hear.

Hi hey hello, I've been on hiatus dealing with my life- aren't we all doing that?- but now I am back and kicking off another project! *I am still doing the picture prompts but this has been something I've wanted to do!* So those of you who know me in person know that my number … Continue reading Songs you need to hear.

Hello there, earthlings. I am persevering through another tumultuous moment in time in my life. In order to drive the whole "don't stress, don't dwell" mantra that I am trying to kick start here, I decided that I would start a project for myself. I was going to use this blog as a diary but … Continue reading